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The Fire Instructor curricula are designed to provide clear guidance that ensures adequate presentation of the information required to meet the Job Performance Requirements  (JPRs)  of  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA1041,Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications, 2013 edition.


The Fire Instructor curricula makeup Chapter 8 of the TCFP Curriculum Manual.


Certification level

TCFP Section Number

NFPA 1041 Chapter

Fire Instructor    I





Fire Instructor II




Fire Instructor III




The NFPA numbering sequence is mirrored to allow easy correlation between this document and the NFPA standard. For example. 801-4.4.5 identifies the section in Instructor I that corresponds to NFPA section 4.4.5.


When a section references information from "Annex A Explanatory Material" in the NFPA Standard, it is identified by adding an A" to the section number. For example, 802-A.5.4.3 identifies the section in Instructor II that corresponds to NFPA Annex A information for NFPA section 5.4.3.


TCFP Standards Manual

It is critical that you review the chapters in the TCFP Standards Manual that apply to this curriculum. Of primary importance are the following three chapters. Definitions of key terms are located in Chapter 439; Minimum standards for Fire Instructor certification are located in Chapter 425; Requirements for training facilities, including instructor requirements are located in Chapter 427. These chapters do not address every issue that could impact this curriculum: therefore, you are encouraged to become familiar with the TCFP Standards Manual.